Request A Flight

Our flight days are Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday.  Appointments starting before 11 am PST (Kelowna time) or after 12 noon are not able to be serviced for a same day travel to and from Kelowna, and will require an overnight stay. 

Flights are booked on a first come, first serve basis, so it is important to request your flight as soon as you have an appointment date! There are five seats available per flight.

Requesting a flight is simple, and can be completed in the following two steps: 

1. Fill out the FLIGHT REQUEST FORM. We will use this to confirm your eligibility for the flight.

2. Download, print, and fill out both pages of the WAIVER, and in the case of a minor, the INDEMNITY form. These MUST be completed and signed by your doctor prior to your flight. Consider them your airplane ticket. You MUST get them back to us by email, or text photos of each full page to 250-430-1188. Escorts must also fill out a waiver, however they do not need a medical signature.