Return from an emergency

Brent, Todd, Jan, I can not thank all of you enough for the support and the services you guys had provided to myself and my daughter during a stressful time to get us back to the east Kootenays!

I can not find the right words, to explain what the Angel Flight does, but all I can do is tell my story to hopefully help, and show others that they are not alone when the last thing they want to think about in an emergency situation is how to get back home with their loved ones! The dedication you all show to make this a successful alternative for others.

This is a service that the valley has needed for sometime, and finally it has been accomplished!
You guys put your heart and soul in to this special flight services and donate your time at your own cost while putting your lives on hold to ensure others are taken care of!
As I thought this service was only offered to others who do not have vehicles or ways to the hospital, it’s not, it is there for others to get home so their family members don’t have to drive the tiring distance or the long hours.

On August 5 2019,

I was faced with a life threatening emergency with my daughter.

( 2 years ago, my daughter almost died on me 2x in May 2017, due to complications of having tonsils and adenoids removed, resulting in bleeding almost to death as one of her main blood vessels wouldn’t stop bleeding, and having blood transfusions)

My 8 year old daughter was rushed to the sparwood emergency, due to uncontrollable bleeding that what we thought was a nose bleed…
We were then transported to cranbrook, and then flown by BC Air to Kelowna early hours in the morning, as Alberta was not an option for us.

Kelowna and sparwood suggested it would be best not to have every family member travel down because of the unknown results at the time, and to wait incase things change and we would have to be transferred to Vancouver.
As things at the hospital in Kelowna were starting to get underway for the medical care, I started to stress about how to get back to the valley, and started pricing out flights, a rental vehicle, and seeing who could take the time off of work back home to do the 16 hour drive ( 8 hours to and 8 hours from Kelowna).
The hospital asked me about the angel flight service, and that’s when I stood corrected and thought it was only provided for those in need…

You all have opened your hearts in to this angel flight service, and I hope that this will continue to help others as it did for myself.

Anyone who thinks that they are alone at a hospital with no way home, please talk to any staff members at the hospital to help get you home as if there is a will there is a way! There may be no charge for this service, but a donation will sure help keep this going.

Thank you all so much!